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Tom's story

I am an old gay guy, so old that I can hardly bring myself to tell you my age, but despite that there are still a few bones left in this old dog yet.

I could never understand when I was at school during the war, why I always felt so attracted to some of the other boys, especially if they wore their tight shorts and were athletic. Unfortunately I became an evacuee at the age of thirteen, just as I was about to forge an intimate friendship with my closest pal, who I have never seen since. As I came from a harsh school, it was really difficult to be accepted at the new school. .

No one ever discussed gay issues and the papers were full of lurid headlines about men who had been caught having sex together and were sent to jail. .

The rest is history. The pressure to get married was overwhelming and in no time at all I found myself married with a young wife keen to start a family. It was years later that my true sexual orientation became clearer but being a married man with children, and given the horrendous stigma attached to homosexuality at the time there was no way of escape. .

My life now has mostly been lived, but I cannot say that it has been fulfilled. I feel so frustrated when I see people like Brian Souter spending millions of pounds trying to deny teachers the opportunity to discuss sexual orientation matters with developing youngsters. I believe that Mr. Souter has three boys of his own. I feel nothing but sorrow for them, especially should one of them turn out to be gay. .

I joined the Gay Dads Scotland group on its inception and since then have meet lots of isolated men of various ages who felt a need to discuss their situation. Outcomes are of course unique to each situation, and there are no easy solutions. However, without exception every gay dad attending one of our group meetings leaves with a sense of relief, is more relaxed and strengthened in the knowledge that he has the friendship, support and understanding of those in a similar situation.

Author: Tom

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